Top 5 Must-see Places in Manhattan

Top 5 Must-see Places in Manhattan

As an economic center of New York and its biggest borough, Manhattan is the most popular part of the city and attracts many tourists and investors. As you can imagine, Manhattan is an area full of many significant monuments, theatres, fantastic skylines, and home of one of the most popular parks in the world – Central Park. It is the most densely populated area in the entire US, thanks to all of its attractions and economic significance. That’s why Manhattan’s traffic can often be too much to handle on a daily basis, especially if you don’t have the most reliable limo company in New York by your side. Book limo and black car ride with AJ Limo New York, and you’ll be able to arrive at every part of Manhattan (and not only) quickly and safely.

NYC Restaurant Week 2019 – Everything You Should Know

Restaurant Week 2019 - Everything You Should Know

Whoever lives in New York or wants to visit it in the period between 22 July and 16 August knows about the famous NYC Restaurant Week. Foodies all around the US look forward to eating in New York’s renowned restaurants, and that’s why this event is organized twice a year. If you happen to be in NYC during that time, you shouldn’t miss eating in one of these eateries and take advantage of lower prices, even in fancier restaurants. And what better way to get to all of them than with AJ Limo New York black car rides in the vicinity.

WORLDWIDE RATES IS UP AND RUNNING: AJ Limo Has Upgraded, And You’ll Love The Way How!

Worldwide Rates: AJ Limo Has Upgraded

What’s fresh on the island of limo service these days? A lot, at least when it comes to AJ Limo company upgrades!

At a request of regular clients who have trusted us with their schedules, routes, their families, friends and their own precious time – AJ Limo has reached a decision to introduce an additional and extremely convenient limo option as part of the regular limo near me rental offer!