Everything You Need to Know About Staten Island

Very often considered “the forgotten borough” and “New York City’s best-kept secret,” Staten Island is probably the last thing you think of when having Big Apple in mind. That’s why AJ Limo New York has decided to fix this injustice and talk about the city’s least populated yet incredibly beautiful borough and tell you everything you should know if you want to visit it or move there. 

What Is Staten Island Known For?

Staten Island is known for its parks, fun attractions, great places to eat as well as numerous museums and family-friendly activities. Being the least visited borough of New York is probably a blessing in disguise for Staten Island because it allows the residents to enjoy a more natural atmosphere, surrounded by breathtaking nature and a multitude of beautiful parks, beaches, and green spaces. AJ Limo team has noticed that everyone who booked a limo ride in Staten Island with us, has said that this borough’s atmosphere is a real New York vibe minus the crowd and fast-paced life of Manhattan.

So, if you happen to be staying somewhere in Manhattan but want to visit Big Apple’s greenest borough, you can arrive there easily with a free ferry ride! Make sure to hire the closest black car chauffeur with AJ Limo New York when you get to Staten Island in order to see as much as possible while you’re there!

Staten Island Landmarks

Staten Island Landmarks

As you can imagine, Staten Island is a borough rich with historical buildings, stories, and museums. As a matter of fact, New York City’s only historic village is located there. Since this borough is surrounded by water, maritime history is also very respected, and you’ll hear numerous interesting stories about maritime life, industry, and lighthouses. 

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Here’s which Staten Island landmarks you shouldn’t miss!

  1. Alice Austen House
  2. Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
  3. Historic Richmond Town
  4. Museum of Maritime Navigation & Communication 
  5. National Lighthouse Museum
  6. Staten Island Museum
  7. The Conference House 
  8. The Noble Maritime Collection

Staten Island Art & Culture

The entire New York City is ethnically very rich and diverse, Staten Island is no exception. Other than born and raised Americans, you can find a lot of foreigners that have decided to make this island their home and have been there for many generations. Italians make the majority of the non-American population, but there’s also a strong presence of Asian families. 

This is one of the reasons why Staten Island is so welcoming and laid-back! Also, this diversity is seen the most in art and culture that’s appreciated a lot in this borough. Learn more about not only New York and its culture but also about other nations such as Sri Lankan and Tibetan art. You’ll be impressed by the number of art studios, galleries, and museums that Staten Island has. 

Your assigned AJ Limo New York chauffeur for hire will gladly recommend what you should visit according to your interests. However, this team almost always has a few options that everyone should see, no matter the taste.

These are the most popular cultural and artistic destinations in Staten Island:

  1. Art Lab 
  2. Art on the Terrace
  3. Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art
  4. Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
  5. St. George Theatre
  6. Staten Island Arts 
  7. Sri Lankan Art & Cultural Museum

Staten Island Restaurants

Italian cuisine lovers will find Staten Island one of the most enjoyable places on Earth (other than Italy, of course!). The multitude of Italian families that live on the island has resulted in numerous incredible restaurants that prepare the most delicious meals according to traditional Italian recipes. In Staten Island, you can also find a lot of other national cuisines such as Mexican, Polish, Indian, etc.

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Check out the best Staten Island restaurants for both business and leisure travelers:

  1. Angelina’s Ristorante (Italian)
  2. Il Pallino (Italian)
  3. Sofia’s Taqueria (Mexican)
  4. Beso (Spanish)
  5. Bayou (Seafood)
  6. Ruddy & Dean (Steakhouse)
  7. Jade Asian Bistro (Asian)

Staten Island Parks & Beaches

>Staten Island Parks and Beaches” />

<p>The first thing you’ll notice as soon as you step off the ferry is the multitude of green areas that Staten Island has. Wherever you look, you’ll see parks, playgrounds, and fields abundant with trees, flowers, and a lot of bird species. The most famous is the Mount Loretto Nature Preserve, where you can see a lot of different birds flying freely and enjoying their natural habitat. </p>

<p>Residents of Staten Island surely appreciate the privilege of being surrounded by clean and beautiful nature and of having fantastic places for hiking, jogging, biking, swimming, and many other outdoor activities. </p>

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Here are a few of the most beautiful outdoor places in Staten Island you should see:

  1. Greenbelt 
  2. Great Kills Park
  3. Silver Lake Park
  4. South Beach
  5. Willowbrook Park
  6. Wolfe’s Pond Park

Staten Island Limo Service Close to Your Location

If you’re wondering which mode of transportation is the best in Staten Island, AJ Limo New York is the answer. Of course, taking walks in this beautiful borough is a better solution considering the magical nature. Still, it’s not always possible, especially if the location you’re traveling to is far. 

Make sure to rely on AJ Limo’s team for everything transportation-related, and reserve the best and nearest chauffeured black car service Staten Island has to offer. Give us a Call Us or book your limo on the website to enjoy the most convenient services, rates, and comfy vehicles from the elegant fleet. AJ Limo New York is waiting for your call!