Worldwide Rates: AJ Limo Has Upgraded

What’s fresh on the island of limo service these days? A lot, at least when it comes to AJ Limo company upgrades!

At a request of regular clients who have trusted us with their schedules, routes, their families, friends and their own precious time – AJ Limo has reached a decision to introduce an additional and extremely convenient limo option as part of the regular limo near me rental offer!

This time around the company’s introduced worldwide-related changes and, if you are a limo rentier – there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with what’s in store for you!

Is This About a New Service?

It is, and it isn’t – depends on how you look at things. What’s happening is that AJ Limo team has decided to push the envelope and treat their customers to the convenience they were desperately lacking! What’s utterly amazing about this service is that it was a result of joint brainstorming, in a way. The clients implicitly have been asking for it in a while, AJ Limo specialists listened and – before you knew it – the idea for a new, fantastic airport service was born!

Will You Finally Tell us What This Is About?

Limo Rental - Worldwide Rates

Yes! The thing you can finally call a part of your pick up and drop off limo rental manner is AJ Limo’s WORLDWIDE RATES SERVICE! Wait, what? You’ve read it well! If you’ve been booking your airport shuttle or airport limo transfers with AJ (and have been happy with the service), you’ll love the fact that this service is now being expanded!

Remember how you’ve struggled to organize airport pick up rides for your outside of the USA travels? You know all those times when you had to go hail taxis in foreign lands upon landing without knowing their rates, and reliability? Well, that thing’s over! You finally have a secure, reliable and convenient limo rental option to travel from here to there, even when you land in a foreign country!

How Did This Service Come About?

Plenty of AJ Limo clients are always on the go, with one too many things on their plate and rarely any space for mistakes. One of the things they need is reliable transportation able to carry out not only their domestic transfers (within the USA) but the worldwide ones, as well. Meaning, when they go from, say, any New York airport (LGA, JFK, EWR, etc.) to a city in Europe or Asia, they want to be welcomed by an airport limo service that’ll take them to their hotel, office, or any other place of residence.

So, to help the clients get the best of black car and airport transportation in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Tokyo, your favorite limo company in the area (yes, yes, it’s AJ Limo) has partnered with top-shelf affiliate partners in Europe and Asia!

What Does This Arrangement Entitle?

Arrangement - Worldwide Rates

Your airport limo booking in the US will be directly connected to your Europe/Asia limo rental. Just as you’ll be getting a private chauffeur, top-notch vehicle and always on-point airport shuttle service in the US, so will you enjoy the same type of arrangement in your chosen European or Asian city (although, for now – there’s only Tokyo).

Once you land in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Tokyo, a previously confirmed affiliate chauffeur will pick you up at the airport, mind your luggage, and take you to the agreed location. The pickup is guaranteed regardless of the time or day of your landing, just as it would be with your USA prearranged limo ride. Just as AJ Limo has never let you down, nor will our affiliate partners in Europe and Asia.

NOTE: Do have in mind that Worldwide service option is available for all AJ Limo companies. So, whether you are traveling with AJ Limo Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison or New York – you’ll have the option to have an affiliate partner wait for you in Europe/Asia.

Why Did This Service Take Long to Launch?

It didn’t, really; it’s just that things didn’t go in the speed you are used to be getting from us.

The reason is this: As every newer or older praxis within this firm is conducted with the user’s needs in mind, this one is, too – although it did take some time to come to life. After all, the point wasn’t to put something together quickly and leave the clients with half-baked solutions. When there’s a new thing introduced or an old one improved, it goes through various test parameters before it gets launched to the clients. But, it was worth the wait, wasn’t it?

Now that you’ve got a fabulous affiliate limo service at your disposal, enjoy it to the fullest! AJ Limo team is more than happy to see your airport rides properly sorted!