Top 5 Must-see Places in Manhattan

As an economic center of New York and its biggest borough, Manhattan is the most popular part of the city and attracts many tourists and investors. As you can imagine, Manhattan is an area full of many significant monuments, theatres, fantastic skylines, and home of one of the most popular parks in the world – Central Park. It is the most densely populated area in the entire US, thanks to all of its attractions and economic significance. That’s why Manhattan’s traffic can often be too much to handle on a daily basis, especially if you don’t have the most reliable limo company in New York by your side. Book limo and black car ride with AJ Limo New York, and you’ll be able to arrive at every part of Manhattan (and not only) quickly and safely.

AJ Limo NYC will always take care of your transportation needs, whether you’re a New York citizen who needs black car rides to business meetings, the nearest airport transfer, etc. or a tourist who wants to enjoy Manhattan in its full glory. Reserve your limo ride nearby now and have fun discovering all the amazing things that Manhattan has to offer. Manhattan is rich with places that are amazing and worth visiting. If you don’t have enough time to see them all, your assigned AJ Limo chauffeur will gladly recommend the most popular destination, and take you there efficiently.

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Are you wondering “What’s New York City famous for”? Well, one of the answers would definitely be – for the largest art museum in the country, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (popularly called “the Met”). This is one of New York’s main attractions during the entire year. If you enjoy art, you’ll appreciate the beauty of the Met’s collections that are divided into seventeen departments. Here you can find works of the greatest artists in history and admire their skill and talent. The area around The Metropolitan Museum of Art is crowded because it’s one of the most attractive destinations for everyone who visits or lives in NYC. You should have patience while entering because it’s really worth it. And if you don’t want to waste precious time in traffic jams and uncomfortable taxi vehicles, book your limo ride to and from the Metropolitan Museum of Art with AJ Limo New York. Enjoy art without stressing about spending too much time stuck in traffic with the best point to point black car service in the area.

2. Broadway theatre

Do you enjoy musicals? Now you know where to get the best shows in the world! AJ Limo New York’s chauffeurs always gladly recommend Broadway theatre. Why? Because this is a place where you can enjoy an evening with your friends and family while watching and listening to the world’s greatest shows. You can enjoy musicals every day except Sunday evening and Monday, depending on every show’s schedule that’s adjusted to the audience and the season. 

Even if your home/hotel is in Brooklin, you can still arrive timely and safely and enjoy Broadaway theatre’s musicals thanks to the skill and experience of the best black car drivers in NYC. Reserve your limo rental in the vicinity with AJ Limo New York, and your chauffeur will always choose the fastest rides in order to get you to the show on time. Arrive at Broadway theatre in the elegance and luxury of New York’s most comfortable limo fleet.

3. Times Square

Times Square - Places in Manhattan

World’s most famous square attracts millions of people weekly. Pretty hectic, right? Even though Times Square is always on the move, full of stores and crowded, it’s one of New York’s destinations that no one can resist. Bright, colorful lights and vibrant atmosphere can both be charming and very hectic; either way, everyone who visits Manhattan is attracted by Times Square because of its unique energy that’s often shown in movies. Even though this area can be hectic and a bit stressful, your limo ride to and from Times Square doesn’t have to be. By booking a black car ride with AJ Limo New York, you can arrive there in the comfort of an elegant 

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Choose your preferred black car vehicle according to the size of your group and travel stress-free and relaxed to Times Square or any other destination in Manhattan.

4. Empire State Building

Empire State Building - Places in Manhattan

Want to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire New York and states that surround it? Empire State Building should be your go-to. Ask AJ Limo NYC’s driver to take you there by issuing “limo ride to Empire State Building” command on your phone and expect only the best black car service in the New York area. Open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Empire State Building offers the most amazing view from its 102nd floor, and it is America’s favorite building. You must have seen it in numerous different movies and tv shows. Believe it or not, once you see it in real life, it’s even more impressive and breathtaking. Other than the view, you can also learn a lot about building’s history and enjoy many different attractions both for kids and grownups.

5. Bryant Park

If you want to spend as much time in nature as possible, and you’ve already visited Central Park after enjoying marvelous art in the Met, you should consider visiting Bryant Park as well. There, you can often enjoy movies in the open during warm months and a fantastic ice rink during the winter. Fun for the whole family or group of friends, this park offers a peaceful, green place for you to relax and enjoy Manhattan’s beauty. You can also visit the New York Public Library that’s connected to the park. Not only is this library fantastic because of its priceless collection of books but also for its architectural design and wedding ceremonies that are often organized inside the library. So, after spending some time in Central Park, call your reliable limo company close to your area, and AJ Limo NYC’s chauffeur will safely take you to Bryant Park. There, you can continue to enjoy your day in nature without it being disturbed by the hectic traffic.

Making a list of only five most popular Manhattan’s destination has been far from simple. It’s evident that this New York’s district offers so much more to see and explore. However, these are the five of the iconic symbols of New York City that everyone should see at least once when visiting Manhattan. Thanks to AJ Limo New York’s fantastic black car team, you can visit all of them and more in a short period. Book your “limo ride near me” and experience the most comfortable, safe, and enjoyable ride through the entire New York area.