Restaurant Week 2019 - Everything You Should Know

Whoever lives in New York or wants to visit it in the period between 22 July and 16 August knows about the famous NYC Restaurant Week. Foodies all around the US look forward to eating in New York’s renowned restaurants, and that’s why this event is organized twice a year. If you happen to be in NYC during that time, you shouldn’t miss eating in one of these eateries and take advantage of lower prices, even in fancier restaurants. And what better way to get to all of them than with AJ Limo New York black car rides in the vicinity.

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Welcoming the Begining of NYC Restaurant Week with AJ Limo at Your Service

With almost 400 participants, you’ll have a variety of choice when it comes to cuisines as well as menus. What’s interesting to note is that the price of both lunch and dinner will be the same in every restaurant. You’ll pay $26 for a two-course lunch and $42 for a three-course dinner. Even though some restaurants do have additional charges for special menus, alcohol drinks, and similar, this is still a very affordable price for the eateries in NYC. A fantastic opportunity to enjoy meals all around New York with the best limo company in the areaAJ Limo. After eating all of that delicious food and maybe drinking one too many glasses of wine, you need a reliable traveling companion to get you home safely, and that’s why you should book your “limo near me” with AJ Limo New York

Tips and Tricks for the Best NYC Restaurant Week Experience

While there’s a big number of restaurants that you can eat in, New York does have a lot of residents and tourists. That’s why you should be prepared and keep in mind some things if you want your dining experience to be enjoyable and stress-free. Other than choosing the restaurant, you should pay attention to the details that at first may seem unnecessary but make a significant change once taken care of.

Explore All The Offers - Restaurant Week 2019
1. Explore All the Offers

Before going to eat, you need to know what’s on the menu, right? Imagine arriving at the restaurant and only then discovering that they, for example, don’t have any vegetarian meal option. Or that they serve dishes from a foreign cuisine that you don’t necessarily like. That’s why it’s always better to know what’s on the menu before booking your table. Almost all restaurants have the list on their website so you can calmly read it and decide which cuisine will be the best one for your taste.

2. Book Your Table on Time

Even though you probably have more important things to think about, if you want to have a pleasant lunch or dinner in one of these 400 restaurants, you should definitely book your table. Since NYC and the restaurants are even more crowded during this period, booking a table is a necessity. If you expect to randomly choose a restaurant and just go there and have a free table, that won’t be the case during NYC Restaurant Week. It’s also better to make a reservation at least one week earlier if possible. 

3. Book a Limo Ride near You

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4. Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

While all of us have a preferred meal or cuisine, it’s always interesting to try out some new dishes. Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite thing to eat. Being out of the comfort zone can often be scary and risky, but when it comes to trying new food during NYC Restaurant Week, you can rarely go wrong. Why? Because all of the participants offer the most delicious meals that’s carefully prepared to satisfy your taste and odor senses. What better way to explore new cuisines than during this fantastic week? Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the new taste and atmosphere. Let AJ Limo NYC be your reliable travel companion as AJ Limo’s chauffeurs know the area and know what to suggest. 

Recommendation - Restaurant Week 2019

What Do AJ Limo New York Chauffeurs Recommend the Most?

This will depend on your conversation with drivers of the best black car company nearby. If you tell them that you enjoy seafood, one of the best choices will undoubtedly be Blue Fin. There, you can enjoy all kinds of fish as well as shrimp, lobster, and many other deliciously prepared seafood, as well as fantastic chocolate cheesecake for dessert. 

Do you prefer Italian food? You should book your table at Antica Pesa and have a delicious meal that is prepared according to Italian standards. Are you a person who enjoys spicy meals and can’t get enough of Mexican food? Your search for the best Mexican restaurant in New York is over since Bodega Negra will be your favorite place to eat. 

These, and many more, restaurants will be AJ Limo New York chauffeurs’ recommendations as soon as you tell them your food preferences. By booking your limo ride in the vicinity with AJ Limo NYC, you can always expect 

  • the most efficient limo services in New York 
  • affordable rates
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Book your limo ride and make your dining experience even more enjoyable.

Visit Big Apple during NYC Restaurant Week and try out all of the amazing meals with AJ Limo New York by your side.