NYC Airport Limo Service – Luxury Vans


We have realized the full potential of luxury vans, as a means of airport transport, a long time ago, when prestigious and powerful van models from well-known car makers started to overwhelm the four wheels marketplace as a modern personification of luxury, especially targeted and designed to carry groups of people. Over the time the full-sized, luxurious vans have proven to be an excellent transport choice for groups of passengers, company travels, and company events, various meeting and so on. This is why we have included NYC airport van transport in our powerful car fleet and have them available for bigger groups of clients at any moment, 24/7.

Best Selection of Luxury Vans for Deluxe NYC Airports Transportation


Our NYC airport van service includes a significant number of carefully selected vans that are convenient for business people and company trips. A place of honor in our fleet is reserved for a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model that can carry up to 12 people. There is no wonder this model flaunts a title of a favorite, being extremely comfortable, powerful and assuring a perfect airport transport. A Ford Transit is also a perfect pick, with its stylish design and impeccable performances; poised with a useful technology and classic values, but there are also many other models in our offer that are definitely worth considering.

Luxury Vans NYC Airport Service


When it comes to the airport transport, we offer a smooth and professional service for all major airports on the territory of New York, including JFK, LaGuardia, EWR and Teterboro airports, as well as for HPN or Westchester airport and ISP or Macarthur Long Island airport. We have a tremendous experience with the best routes, and our kind chauffeur team boasts a considerable know-how in avoiding congestion on the road because we appreciate our estimated client’s business, time and high quality tendencies. We want to see our customers disburdened of airport transport concerns, and so far we have managed to do it with utter success.

Best Prices in New York for Van Airports Transfers


We have an affordable list of rates and we are quite flexible when it comes to finding a particular solution for your needs. Choose JFK, LGA, EWR or any other private New York airport.Also, we offer a possibility of creating custom made car service packages, according to the number of passengers. We can also include other, non-standard services in the airport transport, such as road shows and by the hour limo services. We boast a remarkable adaptability when it comes to our client’s specific demands and we can efficiently come up with a solution which would be the most satisfactory for both sides.

Client Testimonials
What can I say, from a company with such long tradition I expected nothing but the best. And I got it. Very professional, on-time and vast driving experience from their drivers and when someone know the street of New York that good then there is no reason to change a LaGuardia limo service provider.
Hank Y.

This new AJ NYC airport limo service really sets the standards when personal and business NYC airport limo service is about. No waiting for JFK, EWR or LGA limo service and any private airport in the vicinity or New York City.
Tomas N.

A truly excellent JFK limo service and New York limousine company. Experienced drivers and well maintained cars. Easy and quick booking and polite customer service. From Manhattan to Brooklyn they are always on-time. I used them for personal and business transport and not just they didn't let me down but I will probably use their NYC limo service for a long time.
David F.