Non-emergency medical transportation

Our array of professional limo services also includes non-emergency medical transportation to all exclusive New York City medical centers. And we do this by making sure that all of our valued clients get the safest and the most comfortable ride to all the prime New York hospitals. If you want to enjoy the premium car service yet you are aware that health is the utmost luxury of every human being then you should look no further. Our professional and diligent drivers know the very best medical centers in the Big Apple and will take into account your specific needs which altogether makes a perfect NYC limo service package.

NYC Airport Limo Transfer to Any Premium Medical Centre


But our non-emergency medical transportation service goes way beyond since we also offer quality and comfortable transport from all major New York City airports such as JFK, LGA, EWR as well as many others to all the most important medical centers that boast the exceptional medical care in and around the city. Our medical limo transportation caters to every customer’s specific needs, meaning that we will make sure that you enjoy the performance of only the latest car models while our professional liveried chauffeurs take care of everything else. You are probably having a lot of worries on your own so let us take care of everything else regarding your non-emergency medical transportation because it’s the least we can do.


Medical Limo Transportation in Total Comfort


We are familiar with all the best routes to prestigious New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and its locations both in the Upper East Side and Washington Heights. On the other hands, there is a well- known NYU Langone Medical Center that is conveniently located on First Ave. just near the 30th street that boasts a prime medical care in various disease treatment fields; not to mention exceptional Mount Sinai Hospital and the Upper East Side Medical Center which are both impeccable choices for various medical specialties, innovative treatments and unmatched doctor-patient relationships. And our NYC limousine service can take you there safely!


Great NYC Limo Service With Great Prices


On the other hand, our affordable price list is definitely something worth considering as we tend to offer incentive pricing packages that are in accordance with the quality of our service as well as the customer satisfaction policy that complies with the highest ethical principles. Our trained and devoted staff is always at your service while our customer support remains opened to all sorts of questions by providing professional assistance 24/7. We believe that the key to our business’ success lies in flexibility when it comes to specific NYC limo transportation package creation and this is why we came up with this amazing non-emergency medical transport solution in the first place.

Client Testimonials
This new AJ NYC airport limo service really sets the standards when personal and business NYC airport limo service is about. No waiting for JFK, EWR or LGA limo service and any private airport in the vicinity or New York City.
Tomas N.

What can I say, from a company with such long tradition I expected nothing but the best. And I got it. Very professional, on-time and vast driving experience from their drivers and when someone know the street of New York that good then there is no reason to change a LaGuardia limo service provider.
Hank Y.

A truly excellent JFK limo service and New York limousine company. Experienced drivers and well maintained cars. Easy and quick booking and polite customer service. From Manhattan to Brooklyn they are always on-time. I used them for personal and business transport and not just they didn't let me down but I will probably use their NYC limo service for a long time.
David F.